Release Policy

We will release only well trained, well cared for white homing pigeons which have been banded with a permanent, seamless, trackable band and which have been raised and trained to return home to their loft.
We will ensure that every event has a knowledgeable release coordinator present who will be 100% reliable and on time.
We will ensure that the release coordinator and any assistants will be wearing appropriate attire for every event.
We will return deposits for cancelled releases due to "acts of God" such as bad weather, etc.
We will not release birds INDOORS
We will not release birds AT NIGHT

We will not release birds in INCLEMENT WEATHER such as rain storms, fog or snow where visibility is decreased

We will not drop off, allow pick up or ship birds by mail for self-release

We will not release birds beyond a range from which they are able to safely fly home.