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About Us


     Our love and admiration for the beauty and amazing abilities  of our birds is obvious with over 50 years of experience in breeding, showing and raising of ringneck doves and racing pigeons also known as "rock doves". The rock doves are a very close relative of the ringneck doves.

     The white ringneck doves are used to increase the beauty of special occasions but are never released.  These birds do not possess the homing instinct that their cousins, "rock doves" do.

     Our release birds are bred from pedigreed stock whose ancestors have been raced for many generations.  These birds  have the homing instinct and the ability to fly home from 400 or 500 mile races at speeds of 50 miles per hour to their own loft.

     We are happy to share these wonderful birds with whomever would like to create a unique memorable occasion.







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